I have been searching out and downloading old model sheets from Hanna Barbera with wreckless abandoned. Shows like: SPACE GHOST, THE MIGHTY MIGHTOR, DINO BOY, THE HERCULOIDS and JONNY QUEST. This stuff is just plain awesome! Alex Toth was lead designer on most of these...(Doug Wildey created and designed Jonny Quest) and was a master of streamlined character and costume design. Most of the sheets I found are just plain works of art!!!
Anyway, here is a Red Sonja character model sheet circa 1960. It aint Toth, but it was fun...

Hot Chick: Shanna

Our latest Sketch-o-rama theme is hot chick, i decided i'd do a Shanna, the She Devil here's a bit more about her:

"Shanna the She-Devil is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. Originally created as a derivative of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (who was herself a female derivative of Tarzan), she later became the partner and wife of Ka-Zar, Marvel's own derivative of Tarzan. Created by Carole Seuling, Steve Gerber and George Tuska, she made her first appearance in Shanna the She-Devil #1 (Dec. 1972)."

Spiderman Villains: Update

I was randomly surfing the web this afternoon and came across this:

Don't know who put this together but hey at least we got some name credit at the end! This brings up a whole slew of copyright/ownership/usage questions in the digital age. What do you folks think?

Darth Talon

Here is my Sketch-o-rama entry for Darth Talon, it was fun drawing this bad girl, here is a little more on this cute chick:

Darth Talon was a Sith Lady in Darth Krayt's new Sith Order c. 137 ABY. She was a female Twi'lek of the red-skinned Lethan group. She had black Sith tattoos covering her body, head, and lekku. These tattoos were earned in ritual combat.

She was trained by a fellow Twi'lek Sith named Darth Ruyn, whom she killed on Krayt's command with a swift decapitating strike of her lightsaber.

What can i say I'm a sucker for a girl that enjoys tatoos and decapitations.

Darth Talon

The new subject for Sketch-o-Rama is a Star Wars villian from Darkhorse comics expanded universe named Darth Talon.
As you can see, she is a bad-ass female Sith with a smokin figure, (which I have decided to show off a bit in my illustration.
Perhaps this move is to distract her enemies while she cuts them to ribbons with her lightsaber.)
Thanks to fellow Sketch-o-Rama participant Jorge Lacera for the idea of the Alphonse Mucha style window treatment in the background.

The Macabre Man-Thing

No posts for a while, so I thought that I would re-visit one of my old favorites from times past...
And beware...
"Whatever knows fear, burns at the Man-Things touch!!"

Quint over at Ain't it Cool News had a contest to design to design an excisting Spiderman Villain for the next movie. The winner will get a couple of cool busts of spidey and venom. I decided to do the Rhino and really give his costume a cool new look. We also had to cast them for the movie, so I decided to go with Dwayne Johnson A.K.A the Rock. I think he would bring charisma and a level of fun that these villains need for the Spideman franshise. I love redesigning these characters and give my take on them. I had tons of fun with this image and it was a completely different way of working for me. I created paths in photoshop for each and every section of the suit to give me the cleanest possilble result. I love it. I hope to work like this more often in the future. I think Jorge and James did an amazing job with them and I think this was one of the better weeks by far here at sketch-o-rama. Big things to come soon!! Till then, stay fresh☻

The Vulture

I chose to cast James Marsters in this role because he not only has the physical looks to match the character but he also has the charisma needed to play one of Spidey's classic villains. I also re-interpreted the character as a monsterous, tragic figure. In my version the vulture undergoes a horrifying physical and mental transformation ala' Seth Brundle in the Fly.

Beware, SSSSSSSpiderman!

Here is my rendition of Spiderman's arch-nemisis, Doctor Curt Connors.
I have read that Sam Raimi originally approached his pal Bruce Campbell for the role, so I decided to do my piece as if it was a film concept for Bruce playing the character, (with all due respect to Dylan Baker).
My goal was to complete this image entirely in Photoshop using textures, photographs (thats me in the lab-coat...) and brush tools. Though I toiled many hours on this piece, I would still like to noodle it a bit more. I feel it has not yet met the point of realism that I would prefer. But all in all, a great learning experience.

I have no legs

I didn't want to be lame and miss this week so I cranked this one out today. I gave myself an hour to color it, so its really kind of sloppy....oh well. It was sure fun beating up Robo though....dude just can't catch a break.



Initial sketches

Photoshop sketch

Tight pencil drawing
This one took a while to develop but I'm pretty pleased with the result. I've started to sketch out the initial concept in photoshop because of its flexibility to make a cool pose without being restricted by the edge of the paper or anything like that. I also like to skew things and experiment in photoshop until I get something I really like. I then took this piece and did a tight pencil then a quicky digital color job. I'm posting an initial sketch as well to show were my initial look for my version came from. I can't wait for the next one, but till then...peace out!!

By the way who's watching the big fight on saturday?? i got my money on Maywheater!!!

It was wild re-visiting this great film from the eighties.
I watched it again to get inspired for this Sketch-o-Rama, and found it was just as cool as I remember it to be. Great pacing, witty script, awesome soundtrack, and one kick-ass villian (That 70's Show's Kurtwood Smith as Clarence Boddicker.) Check it out if you haven't in a while. You'll be glad you did.
I know this illustration is a bit redundent. Robo is already dead.
But it was fun anyway.
And remember, kids...


This weeks theme of Robocop was a alot of fun. Thought i'd do my own interpretation of the "copper" as a woman, just to stir things up a bit. Fun times...

Photoshop Thing

Why? I do not know.
Just in the mood for some-THING new....

The Thing....and bird poo

Here's my rendition of the Thing. I would have liked to have seen him in an action pose, but right now hes just chillin. Thanks dudes for letting me join in on the fun.

Susan Storm Richards!

La Mujer Invisible! This was a fun one, gotta love good ol' "WASP" Sue Storm! Although there ain't nothing wrong with Jessica Alba...hhmmm... here's a bonus Thing sketch as well.

The Thing...La Cosa!!

Hello world once again!! (hehe, or just the proud and the few that look at this blog) This weeks theme was redesigning the Fantastic Four. I tried my hand at the good ol' Thing. He is holding the human torch in his hands...literary. I had tons of fun with this one and I hope you guys enjoy it!! Till next time...peace world!!

I've also added the original inks just for kicks.★★★

Color Thark

Aw guys.
Ya went an done it. Great stuff. And in full color.
Well, heres mine colorized.


Here is my version of the good old Tarks. I had fun with this one, all in photoshop once again just a little different look this time. I wanted this one to be more comic book style and I had fun digitally inking it. Looks good from far but believe me is far from perfect when you look at it closely. Anyways hope you guys dig it.

Tars Tarkas

"Tars Tarkas may be a cruel green warrior, but he can be a friend as well."
From John Carter of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1917.

Tars Tarkus

Awesome news from the world of entertainment.The rights to Edgar Rice Burrough's (The man who invented Tarzan) novel: "A Princess Of Mars" have been purchased/optioned by Disney/Pixar. Having read most of the books in this John Carter of Mars series, I am totally jazzed to see this project underway.(well, almost underway...) Hollywood has been trying to make this property into a film for over 60 odd years or so.
We here at Sketch-o-Rama have decided to do drawings of one of the lead alien races in the books. They are 15 foot, four armed creatures called Tharks. This particular Thark in my sketch is named Tars Tarkus, and he is John Carter's most trusted friend throughout a number of the books. Can you imagine one of these guys animated on the big screen?


Hey all, its been a while.... Here's my unfinished Hydra. They were a terrifying monster that lived in a swamp near Lake Lerna. Cut off its head and two grow back. Had a body of a serpent, and it's fowl breath alone could kill a man, but not Heracles. Note the eyes inside its mouth (I took a few liberties.)

BBQ Cyclops

A cyclops by Dave Savage!

Some great stuff happinin' on this blog today! Kellee, Jorge and Carlos came out swinging! Heres my Cerebus to add to the mix. The color is quick, so I'll post a better one in the days to come....


Quick digital painting, photoshop...no drawing just photoshop.


Harpie+Siren= Harpen


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