Beware, SSSSSSSpiderman!

Here is my rendition of Spiderman's arch-nemisis, Doctor Curt Connors.
I have read that Sam Raimi originally approached his pal Bruce Campbell for the role, so I decided to do my piece as if it was a film concept for Bruce playing the character, (with all due respect to Dylan Baker).
My goal was to complete this image entirely in Photoshop using textures, photographs (thats me in the lab-coat...) and brush tools. Though I toiled many hours on this piece, I would still like to noodle it a bit more. I feel it has not yet met the point of realism that I would prefer. But all in all, a great learning experience.


  1. Carlos V. said...

    Too cool Gro Gro!!! I love the subtleties in the coat and the face. Too bad they already casted someone else as the Dr. Connors character. Setting the bar real high my friend!! I think is a coin toss for the busts...maybe you??  


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