The Vulture

I chose to cast James Marsters in this role because he not only has the physical looks to match the character but he also has the charisma needed to play one of Spidey's classic villains. I also re-interpreted the character as a monsterous, tragic figure. In my version the vulture undergoes a horrifying physical and mental transformation ala' Seth Brundle in the Fly.


  1. James Groman said...

    Excellent, job my friend!
    This piece is major league. No offense to the original creators of the character, but you took a somewhat lame concept and made it cool as hell!  

  2. Abdullah said...

    Vulture looks scary. I like how you got rid of the original green. Good call.  

  3. Carlos V. said...

    Thanks dude, to be honest and realistic I think you got the best chance to take the busts home, altogether I think is the best casting. Well the next one is the comic page right??  


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