Quint over at Ain't it Cool News had a contest to design to design an excisting Spiderman Villain for the next movie. The winner will get a couple of cool busts of spidey and venom. I decided to do the Rhino and really give his costume a cool new look. We also had to cast them for the movie, so I decided to go with Dwayne Johnson A.K.A the Rock. I think he would bring charisma and a level of fun that these villains need for the Spideman franshise. I love redesigning these characters and give my take on them. I had tons of fun with this image and it was a completely different way of working for me. I created paths in photoshop for each and every section of the suit to give me the cleanest possilble result. I love it. I hope to work like this more often in the future. I think Jorge and James did an amazing job with them and I think this was one of the better weeks by far here at sketch-o-rama. Big things to come soon!! Till then, stay fresh☻


  1. James Groman said...

    Bad-ass Rhino, Carlos.
    It almost makes me think of the character as some power-mad, twisted scientist testing out his new Rhino-Tech armor, rather than the big, dumb lumox portrayed in the comics.
    Good show from both you and Jorge.
    Now,... next weeks subject is?...  

  2. Abdullah said...

    that ain't the rhino dude. he's lost all his scary brute strength, like a force of nature. right there he looks like some kinda anime robot.
    nice photoshop skills, though  

  3. mauricio salmon said...

    i dig it parce, good call on casting la piedra.
    nice use of textures too.  

  4. Jorge said...

    Nice work man, i'm digging the combo of clean base shapes and rough textures over layered atop them. So whats the next challenge parce'?  


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