dr. crusher.

here is my version of dr. crusher from star trek TNG.



Young SPOCK!

Saw the movie this weekend and while I'm never going to be a "Trekkie" or "Trekker" it was a fun SciFi action flick.

My piece for this week was inspired by a badass Spock minicomic in last moths issue of wired.
Drawn by Paul Pope and written by the screenwriters of the movie ( check it out here) I love Pope's design of Young Spock and think it would make for a killer CGI animated series ( ala Clone Wars)


Gorn to be Wild...

Unlike Keith, I am somewhat of a closet Trekkie. At least when it comes to the original series. Was not a huge fan of the subsequent follow-ups, theatrically or on television.
One of my favorite episodes of the original series was called 'Arena', and was based on a Hugo award winning short story by the great Sci Fi author: Frederick Brown. In it Captain Kirk fought a reptilian alien called a Gorn for the survival of the human race.
I know that the main antagonist in the Next Generation Trek series was a race of android beings called the Borg who 'assimilate' other races to serve their society's 'collective'. I always wondered if they ever assimilated any of the Gorns. Well, in my world, they did, and here is one for your viewing pleasure.
Always really liked my 'Manthing' from a few posts back, so this was done in a similar style.
Hey....'resistance is futile'.

Star Trek TNG "the early years"

Honestly, I don't know much about star trek...the only one I ever watched really was the The Next Generation. So I thought this group may still be in school while the captain kirk and spock are just getting situated in the upcoming movie. I did this sketch in Illustrator.


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