When pigs fly...

Anybody remember a toy line from the 1980's produced by Playmates Toys and American Greetings called Barnyard Commandoes? Barnyard Commandoes was the very first toy concept that I did upon graduating art school. And looky here! My first Barnyard Commando drawing in almost 20 years!! Sooooowwweeeeee!!!


...and I can not lie!

My contribution to the robot theme is "HUT 2", a robotic halfback inspired by an old episode of "The Jetsons". A few years ago, I used a robot similar to this one in a paper plate design that never saw the light of day.


These are sketches for the sketch-o-rama assignment "robot," done using pencil and a Tombo ink brush. I wanted to keep them loose, fun, and sort of creepy. They are the robot equivelent to a "Mutt & Jeff." Jeff is the taller one. I guess I imagined these things rolling around like those rolly polly beetle bugs, then popping up into a standing/fighting (eating) position. I also imagined their "eyeball on a string" bounces as they slowly and incessantly walk after you. And do look out, they will try to eat you. Not because they are hungry, but because they want your body fat to keep their parts well oiled, and your stomach bile to keep their parts clean. Gross, eh? Enjoy, scary robot lovers.

The Seabot 3000

What's more fun than a giant purple robotic seahorse? hmmm?
My thoughts exactly.

Robot Painter fun

Quickie robot sketch for this week's post. It was fun to mess around with Painter again, i usually start my work in Painter in really rough form and move on to Freehand from there but it was nice to do a a little painted sketch.

Robot Blueprint

Our new Sketch-o-Rama assignment is to draw a robot.This was inked with a ballpoint pen in my brand new sketchbook. Its based on an old robot design from the comic book " Buce and Gar" which I wrote and illustrated in the early 1990's. I also added a bit of backstory and informational readouts just for fun.


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