These are sketches for the sketch-o-rama assignment "robot," done using pencil and a Tombo ink brush. I wanted to keep them loose, fun, and sort of creepy. They are the robot equivelent to a "Mutt & Jeff." Jeff is the taller one. I guess I imagined these things rolling around like those rolly polly beetle bugs, then popping up into a standing/fighting (eating) position. I also imagined their "eyeball on a string" bounces as they slowly and incessantly walk after you. And do look out, they will try to eat you. Not because they are hungry, but because they want your body fat to keep their parts well oiled, and your stomach bile to keep their parts clean. Gross, eh? Enjoy, scary robot lovers.


  1. Jorge said...

    These are awesome Jeff!!! I love your backstory for them, very Mars Attacks-ish, the cards not the crappy Tim Burton movie. I seriously cant wait to see more!  

  2. Jeff Harter said...

    Thanks Jorge, I had a lot of fun with this. Looking forward to the next challenge!  

  3. James Groman said...

    Welcom to Sketch-O-Ramma!! These are cool and very imaginitive. Almost like "robots from beyond the grave!!!".  


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