Another sketch-o-rama goodie, hope ya dig it.

He Man and Battle Cat

Here is my rendition of He Man and his faithful friend, Battle Cat. They both sit in the retreating light of dusk, pensive after a massive battle with Skeletor at the base of Grayskull. Who was victorious?
Look closely at this image and you may get a clue.

He-Man: Skeletor!

Here is my take on Skeletor: The idea being that he has two different forms, a shaman like trickster and his full on battle mode. Hope y'all dig and I can't wait to see what the other peeps whip up!


Dr. Manhattan

"Who makes the world?"

Jon Osterman AKA "Dr. Manhattan

The Comedian

Here you go, guys and gals.
Thought I would try this one with a strange, vector/animated style...
Feel free to laugh...he is the Comedian!!

Sketch-o-Rama challenge=Watchmen.

Dr. Manhattan learns about the human head structure while eliminating his enemies. Such an efficient fellow!


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