Went a little over board with the time limit guys..... sorry bout that. I'll make sure to post the vastly different sketch i started with tomorrow.

Cool Your Jets 2

...alittle photoshop color completes the gag.

Here's my sketch for the "girls on vehicles" theme. As you can see, I'm bending the rules a little. Expect a full-color update next week.

Cool Your Jets

Well, I know these are supposed to be heres my sketch.

I couldn't decide which character to draw, so I drew a whole bunch!

I'd like to take more time to make this a really finished piece, but for now, it'll just have to be this way...

IG88 Killing Ninja Jawas?

Yeah i got a little carried away on this one...but can you blame me? It's friggin IG88!!!

Wicked Wicket

Funny concept. Quick sketch with some photoshop color.
And remember...they were about to cook up old Han Solo in Return of the this scenario is not all together implausible...
Jim Groman




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