Monster Hunter Lives!

Just finished my page. This took waaaaay long...gotta speed it up next time.
The art is black prisma color pencil on 360 marker paper. The "embellishments" are in Adobe Photoshop. As is the lettering and word balloons. This was actually quite enjoyable. My first "solo" comic page in quite a while...
Should I do color next??

New assignment.
We're all going to pencil, ink and color a finished comic book page. First off, here is the cast of characters I will use in my art. They all exist in a motion picture screenplay I wrote many years ago. There are many more characters in the story, but these are the major players. Villian, heroine, hero and ungodly monstrosity. Can only one page contain them? Lets find out...

Here she is in full color. Kinda looks like Maryann from a lost episode of "Gilligan's Island.


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