All-righty then!
Lets get this party started. I recently did this sketch of an old American Greetings property called My Pet Monster. Did he look like this? NAH! He was a tad cuter, but what can I say. I draw what I like.
I challenge the rest of my Sketch-O-Rama cohorts to this: Draw a My Pet Monster, or any other cute and cuddly critter from TV, movies or toy product. Do it any way you want. Big and bad, soft and cute, hot and horny,...I don't care.
THIS IS A CHALLENGE!!! Okay, Sketch-O-Rama-ites, you know who you are!!
P.S. AWESOME Thor piece, Jorge! Can't wait to see how these skills continue to develop!! Thanks for keeping it alive!


My take on the god o thunder. Check out the progress work and details over at my blog Random Bits


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