Young SPOCK!

Saw the movie this weekend and while I'm never going to be a "Trekkie" or "Trekker" it was a fun SciFi action flick.

My piece for this week was inspired by a badass Spock minicomic in last moths issue of wired.
Drawn by Paul Pope and written by the screenwriters of the movie ( check it out here) I love Pope's design of Young Spock and think it would make for a killer CGI animated series ( ala Clone Wars)



  1. mauricio salmon said...

    bad ass!  

  2. mauricio salmon said...

    ps.. what font is that your using?  

  3. Carlos V. said...

    the name of the font is CAYATE!!!!!  

  4. james groman said...


    Lets keep it going, Jorge....we almost have a block of programming for the networks.  

  5. said...

    Yeah seriously Jim, you know, ,we could probably do this for a living :)

    The Font is called Shake and Bake you can find it here:

    And when did Carlos become the Sketch-o-rama bully!?!  

  6. said...

    Oh and Gro, is "fascinating" the Vulcan equivalent of "interesting" heheh...  

  7. james groman said...

    No Jorge. That is illogical.
    In no way shape of form is that the Vulcan equivelent of 'interesting'.
    Its just fascinating how you manage to continually impress us with your ever growing talents.
    And, though you may not be a Trekkie or a Trekker, you may qualify to form the ranks of the newly formed...


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