Initial sketches

Photoshop sketch

Tight pencil drawing
This one took a while to develop but I'm pretty pleased with the result. I've started to sketch out the initial concept in photoshop because of its flexibility to make a cool pose without being restricted by the edge of the paper or anything like that. I also like to skew things and experiment in photoshop until I get something I really like. I then took this piece and did a tight pencil then a quicky digital color job. I'm posting an initial sketch as well to show were my initial look for my version came from. I can't wait for the next one, but till then...peace out!!

By the way who's watching the big fight on saturday?? i got my money on Maywheater!!!


  1. James Groman said...

    Great look into your process, Carlos.
    We can always depend on you delivering a dynamic composition.
    Title suggestion: ROBOCOP: UNPLUGGED!  

  2. beth brettell said...

    the detail on the metal is amazing. great angle too.  


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