Tars Tarkus

Awesome news from the world of entertainment.The rights to Edgar Rice Burrough's (The man who invented Tarzan) novel: "A Princess Of Mars" have been purchased/optioned by Disney/Pixar. Having read most of the books in this John Carter of Mars series, I am totally jazzed to see this project underway.(well, almost underway...) Hollywood has been trying to make this property into a film for over 60 odd years or so.
We here at Sketch-o-Rama have decided to do drawings of one of the lead alien races in the books. They are 15 foot, four armed creatures called Tharks. This particular Thark in my sketch is named Tars Tarkus, and he is John Carter's most trusted friend throughout a number of the books. Can you imagine one of these guys animated on the big screen?


  1. The Art Lass said...


    But of course, SICK meaning AWESOME as ever! Jim here is giving us an excellent start (and is putting us to shame!)

    *I bow down to the amazing power the sketch God has given you*

    Another beauty!  

  2. Jim Ordolis' Daymares & Nightdreams said...

    Nice work, but I believe all the Tharks from "A Princess of Mars" including Tars Tarkus were depicted in the nude.  


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