Spiderman Villains: Update

I was randomly surfing the web this afternoon and came across this:

Don't know who put this together but hey at least we got some name credit at the end! This brings up a whole slew of copyright/ownership/usage questions in the digital age. What do you folks think?


  1. barrymcw said...

    Unfortunately, I think that the pacing and edit of the film ensures that very few viewers will make it to the end to see the credits.

    But credit was given. You can't step to that.

    Keep the posts coming.  

  2. nikemarvelDC said...

    I’m The one who post this video, and I didn’t mean to steal any one woke I just want to shear the pitchers with the ethers that’s all I want (hey I put the credit in the end and in the Video Owner Options)
    but if you want me to remove the video from youtube will fine I will do it jest tell me, and again I didn’t mien to steal anyone work or slew the copyright or ownership or usage questions..  

  3. Jorge said...

    Naw its cool nikemarveldc, i appreciate you putting our names on the video and offering us credit.

    I just found it strange to find my work on youtube and thought it might be a good way to start a conversation on this whole new media internet 2.0 thing. Since we are all bloggers and all have our work on the net for all to see.  

  4. the mayor of awesometropolis said...

    I dug it. Nice work nikemarveldc. The presentation gave me a whole new appreciation for the ideas that the concept artists came up with.  


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