Darth Talon

The new subject for Sketch-o-Rama is a Star Wars villian from Darkhorse comics expanded universe named Darth Talon.
As you can see, she is a bad-ass female Sith with a smokin figure, (which I have decided to show off a bit in my illustration.
Perhaps this move is to distract her enemies while she cuts them to ribbons with her lightsaber.)
Thanks to fellow Sketch-o-Rama participant Jorge Lacera for the idea of the Alphonse Mucha style window treatment in the background.


  1. Jorge said...

    Nice Jim! I really like what you did with the pattern on the cloth, looks great! The background turned out really well, it acts as a nice framing device. I can't wait to see some other Darth Talons....  

  2. Carlos V. said...

    Hell yes!!! Looks great Jim. You always know how to stimulate the mind. Gotta get mine up soon!  


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