The Herculoids!!

Anyone remember these guys? They appeared on television in the early 1960's when Super Saturday morning was owned by animators;William Hanna and Joseph Barbara. This was just a way-cool, wacked out concept from the mind of comic book artist Alex Toth. The show consisted of a highly imaginitive animal army led by a heroic human named King Zandor. Zandor's family consisted of his wife Tara, and his son Dorno. The beasts were as follows:
Igoo the rock ape, Tundro the tremendous (a kind of Rino-saurus) Zok the lazer-ray dragon, and Gloop and Gleep, "the fearless, formless wonders!"
Anyway, above is my version of the shows main critter characters. Above that is the characters as they originally appeared.
C'mon, Hollywood. We need a big-budget Herculoids movie.
And we need it now!!


  1. mauricio salmon said...

    awesome! i use to watch that show.  

  2. jpa said...

    I remember this show very well. I liked it, and the characters would still play well today. Zok, in particular, was one bada** dragon. I do think a full-length movie is in order.

    Oh... and the drawing is excellent as always, sir. Well done.  

  3. shliknik said...

    Wow...haven't thought about that cartoon is years. I couldn't even remember the name of it.

    Great job, BTW.  

  4. Angie & Tyson said...

    I loved that show. What happened to Saturday morning?

    Remember "Thundarr the Barbarian"? Another gooder!


  5. John said...

    I'm probably older than all of you guys, as I remember when it premiered (and it was 1967 or 68, not the early '60s -- I'm not THAT old). I still love it and you can catch it from time to time on the Cartoon Network.

    Nicely rendered version of them, too!  

  6. beebe said...

    Just found this image on a google search for the Herculoids. Nicely done!  

  7. picus said...

    It will make a cool 3D Imax movie.I like to watch it when i'm high at 12am on boomerang every night.I bet i not the only one here.Let face it all the creatures sound like they are on something good exspecialy gloop bleep.Does any one like watching this show high?  

  8. Q.T. Hush said...

    Igoo the rock ape,Tundro the magnificent,Gloop and Gleep the formless fearless wonders,Zok the laser ray dragon.The Herculoids was my favorite cartoon show from the 1960's.  


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