SubZero vs. Scorpion!!!

I really had a good time making the Aang paper toy, so I decided to make a scorpion and sub-zero battling paper toys. This one was really fun. I made their masks removable to reveal their true identities! I'm going to try and get an actual sketch for the Mortal Kombat theme as well (coming soon....)

The Last Airbender

Hey everyone, for those of you I haven't me, I'm Keiths older but shorter brother, Brian. For my first submission, I did this concept of our bald little friend and his mighty steed. It started out as an attempt to portray an older, more realistic looking Aang, but I ended up having more fun with that six-armed creature he flies around on. I'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks!

Avatar: The Last Paper Bender

I decided to do a paper sculpture of Aang for our latest theme--- The Last Airbender movie coming out this summer based on the Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar. A few months back I created two paper sculptures of BumbleBee and Optimus Prime from Transformers and had a lot of fun building them. I thought I'd give it another go.

Unlike my last attempts, Aang is all one piece of paper, so there is no attachments after he is cut out. I'll probably do a few more of these down the road since they're so much fun.

Where the wild things are

Didn't get to spend much time on this one, it's been a bit crazy lately. Looking forward to really rocking out the next post. I also haven't had a chance to see the movie yet, I've been really dying to! Looks sweeeeeeet!

This drawing serves double duty. I inked it up for a friend who wanted a bunch of us artists to do coloring pages for a Halloween party he is having, and now it's my Sketch-o-Rama post.
Sorry for the delay!

I'll Eat You Up

Seven reasons to go see Where The Wild Things Are

Visit the official blog


Teenage Mutant Ninja CHUD

I know, I know! I'm very late on this. Getting married takes up a lot of your free time! Here is my CHUD trying to find some 'dinner' in its own backyard. Limited it to only a few colors so I could bang it out. Hope you dig it.



This is for our recent theme for the sketch-o-rama blog.

With my "final" piece I wanted to go for more of a children's book feel. I also wanted to add some type that would complement the illustration and I knew I wanted it to be somewhat decorative. I've been messing around with type lately and successful or not, I've been enjoying myself. I wanted to go for a foresty look for this one, let me know what you guys think, might still need some tweaks. I will add color to this and post it in the near future so keep on the look out!

The other image is just a compilation from my sketchbook to show you guys what a spaz I am! I enjoy exploring my ideas and a new one constantly pops into my head sometimes in the middle of drawing some other idea/concept. This can sometimes frustrate me because it impedes my ability to take anything to finish, anything that I am not getting paid for at least !

I would love to hear your guys thoughts on this subject, how good are you guys to committing to an idea. I got a feeling a lot of people out there are like me and love to explore things, come on guys help me out here, I feel like a freak sometimes=)

C.H.U.D. in 3-D

Had a little trouble getting into this one.
Until I decided to dust off my tools and sculpt my submission in super sculpey. Did it rather quick once I started, and it's still not totally finished. But he's done enough to use in my current Sketch-o-Rama submission.
If you want to see a more complete photo of the sculpture, check it out on my blog at
I'm also going to cast up a few of these in resin, just for fun.



Theme for sketch-o-rama

Based on an 80's scary flick!

Grizzle, we're waiting on you!!!


here's my version of CHUD guys. a quick sketch before hitting the hay.


Whoa it's been a while, here is a bit of randomness for ya: my take on C.H.U.D.

Thought I would post my finished skate deck for the local Red Bull skate deck show. All vectored up in Adobe Illustrator. Now it's off to my buddy's sign shop to have a vinyl label to apply to my board.

Skate Decks

I did these for a gallery show I am perticipating in soon. It's sponsored by Redbull....(hence the theme of the two pieces.)
Anyway, thought I would post them 'cause the Minotaur is a MONSTER. (That was the last theme that we had, right guys?)

the REAL Montauk Monster

The REAL Montauk Monster eats those other Montauk monsters for breakfast!!!
I tried something new with this sketch, I painted it in photoshop directly from my pencil sketch. Hope you'll like it.

dr. crusher.

here is my version of dr. crusher from star trek TNG.



Young SPOCK!

Saw the movie this weekend and while I'm never going to be a "Trekkie" or "Trekker" it was a fun SciFi action flick.

My piece for this week was inspired by a badass Spock minicomic in last moths issue of wired.
Drawn by Paul Pope and written by the screenwriters of the movie ( check it out here) I love Pope's design of Young Spock and think it would make for a killer CGI animated series ( ala Clone Wars)


Gorn to be Wild...

Unlike Keith, I am somewhat of a closet Trekkie. At least when it comes to the original series. Was not a huge fan of the subsequent follow-ups, theatrically or on television.
One of my favorite episodes of the original series was called 'Arena', and was based on a Hugo award winning short story by the great Sci Fi author: Frederick Brown. In it Captain Kirk fought a reptilian alien called a Gorn for the survival of the human race.
I know that the main antagonist in the Next Generation Trek series was a race of android beings called the Borg who 'assimilate' other races to serve their society's 'collective'. I always wondered if they ever assimilated any of the Gorns. Well, in my world, they did, and here is one for your viewing pleasure.
Always really liked my 'Manthing' from a few posts back, so this was done in a similar style.
Hey....'resistance is futile'.

Star Trek TNG "the early years"

Honestly, I don't know much about star trek...the only one I ever watched really was the The Next Generation. So I thought this group may still be in school while the captain kirk and spock are just getting situated in the upcoming movie. I did this sketch in Illustrator.

It could happen.

Terminator vs. John Connor

Took me a bit longer than I would have liked, but heres my terminator. Im pumped for the new movie because I always wanted to see more of the post-skynet future world. So my illustration is John Connor kicking arse in the future.

here is my version of the terminator.i'm not entirely happy with this, but i'm still tryig to figure out how to paint with photoshop. I think i got too tight with the over all result, but this was a good exercise. hopefully next time i'll be a little more loose. any feed back is always welcomed.
thank you!


Here is my piece for sketch-o-rama, I did a trillion sketches for this but ended up settling for this one. Oh well, hope you guys dig it and maybe I'll post up the rejected sketches. Got cool stuff I'm working on that I will post soon so keep it tuned in.

Terminator PUNCH!!!

I really wanted to draw something I hadn't seen a Terminator do before, such as punching some chump in the face, I also wanted to experiment with color and technique.

Let me know what you think!



here is my version of ol' vampi. thanks a lot for the invite guys!

Vampirella Magazine!

I know, I know, but I couldn't resist making this an old magazine cover.
And i promise the next Sketch-o-Rama project will be a sketch...
(BTW, the creator of Vampirella: Mr. Forrest J. Ackerman just died recently. And the world will be less interesting without him.)


Hey all, just finished another sketch-o-rama post, this one was tons of fun and went fairly quickly, hope you all digs!!!


Here's my take on Vamps. Opted for a more stylized look this time around.




Another sketch-o-rama goodie, hope ya dig it.

He Man and Battle Cat

Here is my rendition of He Man and his faithful friend, Battle Cat. They both sit in the retreating light of dusk, pensive after a massive battle with Skeletor at the base of Grayskull. Who was victorious?
Look closely at this image and you may get a clue.

He-Man: Skeletor!

Here is my take on Skeletor: The idea being that he has two different forms, a shaman like trickster and his full on battle mode. Hope y'all dig and I can't wait to see what the other peeps whip up!


Dr. Manhattan

"Who makes the world?"

Jon Osterman AKA "Dr. Manhattan

The Comedian

Here you go, guys and gals.
Thought I would try this one with a strange, vector/animated style...
Feel free to laugh...he is the Comedian!!

Sketch-o-Rama challenge=Watchmen.

Dr. Manhattan learns about the human head structure while eliminating his enemies. Such an efficient fellow!


+My take on Cobra Commander+

Hey all, some of my fellow artist and myself are starting sketch-o-rama back up again. Sketch-o-rama is a theme sketch blog where other awesome artist put up cool pieces based on themes we assign each other, mostly redesigns of cool characters we all love. The theme I came up with recently was to do a redesign of Cobra Commander. I'm talking about the way you envision the ruthless leader of Cobra, the most evil terrorist organization of all time!! This dude should be one badass looking bastard and personally I don't think giving him a serious breathing problem and a skin condition is quite enough for the leader of all this evil! Here's my take, hope you enjoy and I can't wait for everyone else to jump on this one!! PEACE!!!

All-righty then!
Lets get this party started. I recently did this sketch of an old American Greetings property called My Pet Monster. Did he look like this? NAH! He was a tad cuter, but what can I say. I draw what I like.
I challenge the rest of my Sketch-O-Rama cohorts to this: Draw a My Pet Monster, or any other cute and cuddly critter from TV, movies or toy product. Do it any way you want. Big and bad, soft and cute, hot and horny,...I don't care.
THIS IS A CHALLENGE!!! Okay, Sketch-O-Rama-ites, you know who you are!!
P.S. AWESOME Thor piece, Jorge! Can't wait to see how these skills continue to develop!! Thanks for keeping it alive!


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